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Is Looking for a Commercial Lease Substantially Different Than Looking for a Residential Lease?

There are some aspects of a commercial lease that make it significantly different from a residential lease. For one thing, a commercial lease tends to last longer and is more difficult to get out of than a residential lease. Commercial leases also tend to have less consumer protections.  In terms of negotiating, commercial leases tend to have a lot more flexible terms that can be negotiated and worked out between the parties.

What Are Some of the Terms I Should Pay Close Attention to When Determining if the Lease is Right for My Business?

There are numerous provisions you should examine, including: 

Should I Discuss a Commercial Lease with a Lawyer before Signing It?

Many times business owners will miss one or more of the legal formalities in a lease that could make all the difference later on. It's important to consult with an experienced property attorney before you sign a lease for your business. A property lawyer can help you understand all the provisions of the lease and help you negotiate for the terms that would best suit your business.

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