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What is a Young Adult Trust?

A “Young Adult Trust” is a type of trust created for younger persons, usually aged 18-25 years old.  It allows money to be transferred to the young adult with certain restrictions on the way they can access and use the money. 

Young adult trusts usually take the form of a revocable living trust.  They are generally created by the young adult’s parents, though it can also be created by the young adult themselves.  In a young adult trust, the child can be named as both the beneficiary and a co-trustee.

A typical young adult trust has the following features:

What are the Advantages of Creating a Young Adult Trust?

One of the main advantages of creating a trust for young adults is that it may help teach the young adult financial responsibility and self-control.  Many parents would like to transfer assets to their children when they reach the age of majority (18 years old), but are hesitant to place assets in the hands of inexperienced young adults.  A young adult trust is an excellent way to address this dilemma. 

Additional advantages associated with young adult trusts include:

Thus, a young adult trust is one option for younger adults to learn responsibility and begin managing their finances at an early age. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help With a Young Adult Trust?

Creating a young adult trust can be a very involved and complex process.  You may wish to hire a trusts lawyer to assist you with a young adult trust.  Your attorney can assist you with the creation, drafting, reviewing, and finalizing of the trust so that it conforms to the laws in your area.  Also, in the event of a legal dispute over the trust, an experienced attorney can represent your interests in court during a lawsuit.

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