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What Is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is a type of employment discrimination consisting of unwanted sexual advances, sexual conduct, or other verbal or physical actions of a sexual nature, usually at the workplace.

Conduct that is Considered sexual harassment includes:

Who Is Protected under Sexual Harassment Laws?

Sexual harassment laws protect:

Sexual Harassment Policies

Employers are usually required to post policies regarding sexual harassment in the workplace. These policies should address:

Protection against Sexual Harassment - State and Federal Laws

Both federal and state laws prohibit harassment in employment on the basis of sex or gender. Both the federal government and states have created agencies that investigate harassment claims and enforce the laws prohibiting sexual harassment.

Do I Need a Sexual Harassment Attorney?

Both investigating and proving a sexual harassment claim can be difficult. An employment lawyer can help you file within the deadlines for sexual harassment claims appropriate to your state. Additionally, the EEOC investigators are often overworked and cannot investigate your claim immediately. A lawyer will help you investigate your claim and inform you of the various options you can pursue.

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