Sex Crime Law in Colorado

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Colorado’s most notorious possible sex crime was the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.  She may have been sexually assaulted with a foreign object and a finger before her murder.  In 2006, John Mark Karr was extradited from Thailand back to Colorado based on his confession that he had had sex with JonBenet before murdering her. 

However, extrinsic evidence did not support his confession, and prosecutors concluded that he was so obsessed with her murder so that he came to believe he did it.  Although Karr had a checkered past involving a string of underage marriages, possible sexual acts with children, and child pornography, he still is not a registered sex offender, because of insufficient evidence and the statutes of limitations. 

Registration as a Sex Offender

In Colorado, adults and even juveniles are required to register for all sex offenses.  Sex offenders must provide law enforcement with the usual required personal information in other states, including fingerprints, photos, place of employment and schools, registered vehicles, etc.  Sex offenders must notify police whenever they move to a different Colorado county. 

The Colorado public can access all data about sex offenders at their local police station, but online they only can get information about multiple offenders, violent sexual predators, and offenders failing to register.  Violent sexual predators must re-register quarterly for life, but lesser felons can be de-registered after 10 or 20 years. 

Expunction of Criminal Records

In Colorado, as in most states, expungement is the “sealing” of a criminal record, or the conspicuously labeling of that record as expunged, so that to employers and other members of the public, it will be like the record never existed.  While juveniles can have their name removed from the registry and their records expunged upon reaching majority, it is generally difficult for an adult in Colorado to get a sex crime expunged. 

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