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Is Mandatory Registration for Past Sex Crimes Legal?

With the passage of Megan's Law and similar registration acts, mandatory registration for past sex crimes is legal. Megan's Law is regulation concerning the publication of sex offender¿s names, addresses and past convictions. Many have argued that the publication of residence and past convictions is an invasion of privacy and excessive punishment. Most information that has been published for public viewing is legal with few exceptions.

What Type of Information Must I Provide for Registering?

Megan's Law provides broad requirements for what information must be provided but local cities have specific requirements. Pictures, noticeable scars, tattoos, other physical details as well as general addresses of residence and employment are typical of the information requested during registration.

Most communities vary the registration period depending on classifications. Single convictions get the minimum registration period, usually 15 years. Sexual predators which have multiple convictions or special circumstances typically receive lifetime registration requirements.

Can I Fight Mandatory Registration?

All laws can be challenged. The courts have recognized that there are privacy rights guaranteed by the Constitution that must be upheld even when registering sex offenders. Exact addresses with apartment number and street numbers have not been allowed to be published, along with exact address for the employers of sex offenders. The safety of the community has overridden certain privacy rights when it comes to offender registration.

Do I Need to Consult a Criminal Attorney?

Sex offender registration can be difficult to understand and the laws get more intricate if you plan to change residence. Different cities, towns and states all have different registration procedures and violating any of them can be punishable by prison time. To ensure compliance with the registration laws in your community, consulting a criminal attorney is recommended.

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