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What are Food Safety Violations?

Every state has food safety laws intended to protect consumers from injuries such as food poisoning or food borne illness.  These govern the way that food manufacturers, distributors, and restaurants provide food to consumers.  For instance, food that is contaminated, spoiled, or expired should never be served to customers. 

Many counties regularly inspect restaurants and other food-selling businesses to ensure that they’re complying with food safety standards.  Some areas even have a rating system for restaurants that indicate how well they’re complying with standards.  Food safety violations can occur when a restaurant or store fails to meet the state and local standards for the handling, preparation, and serving of meals and food products.

What are Some Examples of Food Safety Violations?

Food safety violations can come in many different forms.  Food safety regulations may vary depending on the type of restaurant or business involved, and the type of food in question.  For instance, extremely perishable foods like dairy and eggs need to be handled with extra care when compared with packaged persevered foods.

Some examples of food safety violations can include:

Food safety violations can result in various injuries to a customer, including food poisoning, food allergy, choking, or other injuries.  Many businesses lose a great deal of profit (or even lose their license) every year due to food safety violations.

What are Some Consequences of Food Safety Violations?

For a restaurant or food chain, the consequences of food safety violations can be very negative for the business.  Some penalties and consequences may include:

Generally, in order to recover damages, a person needs to prove that the food safety violation was a cause of their injury or losses.  On the other hand, a business may still face legal consequences from authorities even if no consumers were found to be injured. 

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Food Safety Violation?

Thus, food safety laws are enforced very strictly due to the risk that a violation may pose to the public.  Large numbers of people can be affected by just one violation, and some food safety violation lawsuits are filed as a class action lawsuit.  You may wish to hire a qualified personal injury lawyer if you need help filing a lawsuit.  Your attorney can provide you with steps on how to proceed, and can represent you during court when filing for damages.

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