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Legal Tips

  Tips on Searching for a Lawyer
1. Do you really need a lawyer?
2. What to consider before looking for a lawyer.
3. How fast should you act?
4. How to begin looking for a lawyer.
  Tips on Hiring a Lawyer
1. Read legal advertisements carefully.
2. Don't hire a lawyer who actively solicits your business.
3. Make sure you understand what you're paying for.
4. Learn how you can fire a lawyer.
5. Check out your lawyer's record.
6. Make sure your lawyer gives you all your options.
7. Consider more than one lawyer.
  Tips on Working with Your Lawyer
1. You've found a lawyer. Now what?
2. Why establish ground rules?
3. What's a strategic plan?
4. Are you getting your money's worth?
5. What should you know about lawyer's fees?
6. What expenses can you expect to pay?
7. What should you look for in your monthly bill?
8. How do you evaluate your lawyer?
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