Dear LegalMatch Customer,

Many thanks for using LegalMatch! Your feedback is instrumental in helping us most effectively match pre-screened attorneys with people who need them. Please answer the simple questions below. Thanks in advance for helping us!

Ken LaMance
Client Relations Manager

LegalMatch Customer Survey
1. How many attorneys made offers on the case you posted?
10 or more

2. Did you contact an attorney who sent you an Offer Message?
(if Yes go to next question; if No skip to #4)

3a. How did you select which attorney(s) to contact? (check all that apply)

3b. Did you hire an attorney through LegalMatch?
(if Yes go to next question; if No skip to #3f)

3c. How did you select which attorney to hire? (check all that apply)

3d. How would you rate your satisfaction with the attorney you hired?
Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied

3e. Would you recommend this attorney to friends or relatives?

3f. Our mission is to help you find the very best attorney for your needs. If you did not hire the attorney you contacted through LegalMatch, please tell us why (check those that best apply to you):
Circumstantial reasons unrelated to the LegalMatch attorney.
I liked the LegalMatch attorney but did not hire a lawyer after all.
The price was not right.
I did not feel comfortable with the LegalMatch attorney.
I found a different attorney through another method.
Other (please enter your reason)

4. If you did not choose to contact any attorneys who expressed interest in your case, please tell us why. (check all that apply)
The attorney(s) did not respond quickly enough.
The attorney(s) was not in my price range.
I did not feel comfortable with the attorney(s) who responded.
I found an attorney though another source.
I decided not to hire an attorney at all.
Other (please enter your reason)

5. Would you have liked some assistance in the case posting process? (check all that apply)
No. The case posting process was self-explanatory.
I would have liked help describing my case.
I would have liked help categorizing my case.
I would have liked more help understanding what to expect after I finished the posting process.

6. Did you have a good understanding of the steps that'll follow after you posted the case? (check all that apply)
Yes. Everything was clear.
I didn't understand how attorneys would be contacting me.
I didn't understand how attorneys would be making "Offers" on my case.
I didn't understand how to choose between attorneys who made Offers on my case.
I didn't know how long I should expect to wait before hearing from attorneys.

7. How often did you log back into your account at LegalMatch after posting your case?
Every day
Whenever I received an email about an attorney offer
Never, I did not know how to use it

8. What other methods, if any, have you recently used to find an attorney? (check all that apply)
Yellow Pages
Other advertising
Word of mouth
Bar association
Referral service
Other (please explain)

9. How would you describe your experience with LegalMatch?

10. In what areas of the LegalMatch service would you like to see improvement or changes? (check all that apply)
I like it - leave the system just as it is!
Case registration process
Attorney communication process (i.e., reviewing offer messages and profiles)
Cost of LegalMatch attorneys
Location of LegalMatch attorneys
Quality of LegalMatch attorneys
Other (please explain)

11. Please provide us with any additional comments or suggestions to improve our system of matching clients and attorneys.

Thank you for your participation.