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Your Lawyer: A User's Guide

by Lawrence J. Fox and Susan R. Martyn
Your lawyer is your advocate, she is in your corner, she is ready to go to bat for you and only you. Pick your favorite metaphor. Any of them will help you understand what heroes we want to be on your behalf.

That's probably why everyone hates lawyers - except their own.

Yes, we have often said that if lawyers were winning popularity contests then we wouldn't be doing our jobs. But while we are breaking our arms patting ourselves on the back about how wonderful we are, we need to throw some cautionary words your way. There are limits. Places lawyers should not (and, we hope, will not) go.

I don't want you pulling any punches.

Well there are some punches lawyers may not land. Let us give you some examples.


1. Why won't you do what I request?
2. Are you afraid that my request will violate a lawyer code provision?
  • If so, which one?
  • Have you sought advice about whether this is a clear violation?
  • 3. Are you afraid that my request might violate some other law?
  • a. If so, which one?
     i. If my request is a crime, which one and why?
     ii. If my request is a fraud, why?
     iii. If my request would violate some court rules or procedures, which ones and why?
     iv. If my request would require you or me to violate some other legal provision, which one and why?
  • If not, or if you cannot tell me which law, then why are you afraid to proceed?

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