LegalMatch Attorney Photo Standards

At LegalMatch, we strive to provide our attorneys with every possible advantage in cultivating their law practices. In an effort to increase client confidence and trust, we are asking LegalMatch member attorneys to submit an additional photo of themselves for their attorney profile.

This attorney photo is very important to your continued success with LegalMatch, as your photo appears next to any response you post on a client's case. Think of your photo as a means of introducing yourself to the client for the first time. Our goal is to personalize the attorney response process so that a client will feel comfortable with the selection they make.

Here is how your response messages will soon be displayed to prospective clients:

What Camera Should I Use To Take My LegalMatch Picture?

You have several options you can use to take an appropriate LegalMatch photo:

  • Digital Camera - if you have a digital camera, simply take a picture, then email it to us at:
  • Personal 35mm camera - take a picture, then either:
    • Develop the picture and mail it to us. We will then scan it onto our website.
    • Have your developer / photo shop convert the picture to a digital format, then email it to us at: Almost all photo developers now provide this service.
  • Disposable Camera - for under $10, buy a disposable camera, take a picture, and then follow either of the steps above.

Photo Specifications for Your LegalMatch Picture:

Here are some important tips when taking your LegalMatch photo:

  • Attorney photos should be taken in a room with good lighting. A room with windows or ample ceiling lighting should be sufficient.
  • Your attorney photo should be framed from the waist up with the photographer standing no more than a few feet away. Make sure that your entire upper torso, including their head is in the picture. Your picture should resemble a passport or driver's license type format.
  • A solid, light colored wall should be the backdrop for the picture. For optimum effect, attorneys are encouraged to wear darker colored suits that contrast with the lighter colored background. Additionally, attorneys should refrain from wearing shirts or blouses matching the color of the walls in the background.
  • Lastly, turn the camera flash off before taking the picture. With good lighting, a flash is unnecessary and will obscure your facial features. The necessity of good lighting, whether it is natural light from a window or artificial light from ceiling lamps, cannot be overemphasized.

Again, what we are looking for is a clean and simple attorney photo from the waist up. Please do not send pictures of yourself sitting behind your desk, in front of the courthouse, office, or any other setting. This picture should focus solely on you. If you have any questions, please send an email to our interface developer at Thank you again for using LegalMatch.

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