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Jan. 17, 2004
Utah Bar Contracts with Referral Service on Web
By Draeger Martinez

Excerpts from: Utah Bar Contracts with Referral Service on Web

LegalMatch.com, a Web site headquartered in San Francisco, has contracted with the Utah State Bar to replace its lawyer referral system with referrals via LegalMatch, starting Jan.1.

Utah bar spokesman Toby Brown says the change should enhance lawyer referrals for both attorneys and clients. Under the bar's old system, clients provided details about their cases and received three attorneys' names and phone numbers.

"But the client has to tell their story all over again to each of the lawyers they contact," Brown says. "With LegalMatch, clients interview themselves, and the particulars are available for any relevant lawyer to read, and that saves time for both lawyers and clients. Plus clients will know more about the lawyers from the start."

California State Bar senior compliance coordinator Donald Breer says that the bar has 62 lawyer referral services certified throughout the state, including 21 that operate in Los Angeles County. Breer adds that county bar associations often act as clearinghouses to help prospects determine which referral service may be best for them.

"If the county bar determines the problem is indeed a legal matter, it goes to a referral service and the next attorney with relevant experience on a rotating list," Breer says. "The attorney and client have an initial talk, usually a half-hour, and if they develop a client relationship, that's great."

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