Interview with Dmitry Shubov December 25, 2002
Dick Helton (DH): We're going to spend the next few minutes here on KNX talking about legal services and why many people who may need them don't become aware of some of the ways of having legal services made available to you. Not the least of which is simply, having prepaid legal services. Dmitry Shubov is the CEO of LegalMatch, and he is on the KNX Newsline with us now.

Dmitry, let me ask you right up front, first of all what's LegalMatch all about? What do you do?
Dmitry Shubov (DS): Well, LegalMatch is a free service that finds the best lawyer for your particular needs at any given time.
DH: So in other words, if I need to put together a will, or if I've got a law suit against somebody, or a complaint against somebody; I could come to you and you'd say, 'Alright, let's put you together with somebody that we know - in your area - that can handle this specific problem.'
DS: You describe your particular case, your matter, it is reviewed by our participating attorneys, interested attorneys respond back. We guarantee results - we have a 1,000$ guarantee for attorneys. All of our attorneys are prescreened; and it's a free service offered by
DH: Now how do they come to you? Do they come to you offering their services, saying 'Look, I'd like to be a part of LegalMatch', or do you find them? How do you get together?
DS: Attorneys participate on our system by a subscription method. So, they pay for it. Clients find us throughout the web, and by our benefits plan, which we're currently launching.
DH: As I said at the outset, we're talking a little bit here today about prepaid legal services. Fist of all, describe prepaid legal services; and why that might be important to someone.
DS: Well, prepaid legal services quite simply is a little bit like an HMO plan for lawyers. The best benefit for prepaid legal services is the fact that it gives you access to a lawyer to call when you absolutely need one. The second best benefit is a free review of your case. Beyond that, most prepaid legal services throw in some discounted attorney time, or free basic services on top of that.
DH: Now how does that then work in terms of what you are providing? I mean it sounds to me, for example, I can come to you and, I guess, for a fee or whatever, as I come on to your web site I can pretty much do the same thing. I can have you find an attorney for me.
DS: Absolutely Dick, and that's, in a sense, where we come into the equation. We feel that prepaid legal services definitely provide a very strong need in this economy, if you do not have something like LegalMatch available. Even within LegalMatch, we have a benefits plan, which incorporates a lot of the benefits of this, and we offer it for free to employers, instead of the usual pay plans that are available.
DH: You now, it seems to me that a lot of the ways people get hooked up with lawyers is they happen to mention to somebody, a friend, that they have a problem, and the friend says 'Well, I have a cousin, who has an uncle, who has another relative who's a lawyer. I'll try to hook you up'.
DS: And that's usually the way it's done in the past. The problem is, do you really want to mention to your friend, or your cousin that you're getting divorce with your wife? And even if they know a lawyer they can refer you to, there are hundreds of types of law in this country, what are the chances that that lawyer practices the same type of law, in the same area, and has availability to take your case at this time?
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