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Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help You

The area of law the deals in personal injury cases is vast. Specialized personal injury lawyers handle cases ranging from automobile accidents and dangerous property or buildings, to defective products and medical malpractice. Whether you have experienced a slip and fall accident, were attacked by a dog, or you were injured by a negligent scooter driver, one of our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you with your case and the compensation you deserve.

Personal Injury

Personal injury law is broad and encompasses a wide variety of cases in which victims were injured as a result of the negligence of others. Fortunately, our database of personal injury lawyers is also broad, and is composed of excellent attorneys who specialize in a wide variety of personal injury claims. If you have been injured, contact one of our attorneys today, and begin the legal process of gaining compensation for injuries you have suffered.

Automobile Accidents

Automobile accidents comprise a large proportion of personal injury lawsuits in the United States. With over 276 million registered vehicles in the U.S., it is no surprise that accidents are commonplace. Factor in other issues, such as cell phone usage, drinking and driving, weather conditions, teenagers, and speeding, the likelihood of being involved in a car accident are fairly high.

Over the course of a typical lifespan, it has been estimated that an individual will have three or four accidents. According to the National Safety Council, the odds of dying in a motor vehicle crash are 1 in 102.

In 2016, there were 4.6 million medically-consulted injuries that resulted from motor vehicle accidents. Of these incidents, an estimated $416.2 billion in costs stemmed from medical expenses, motor vehicle property damage, wage and productivity losses, employer costs, and administrative expenses. Personal injury attorneys who specialize in automobile accidents will fight to help their clients recoup money, also known as damages, for injuries sustained in an accident.

Dangerous Property or Buildings

Dangerous property or buildings and defective premises create a hazard for the public and they also create a large number of lawsuits. Property owners have a duty to use a reasonable amount of care to prevent others from being injured. If they violate this duty and someone is injured as a result of their negligence, it is possible for the injured party to sue for damages.

The premises of a business or public building can pose a hazard for many reasons. For instance, if a building owner knows that one of the handrails on a flight of stairs is unsafe and fails to remedy the situation, they may be held liable if someone is injured. Another prime example of injury resulting from negligence are slip and fall accidents that occur from debris left on the floor, such as fruit or vegetables in a grocery store.

Dangerous property or buildings lawsuits can be complicated. Experienced LegalMatch lawyers who specialize in these types of claims have the ability to tirelessly pursue compensation for their clients for the injuries they suffered.

Defective Products

Defective product cases tend to fall within three categories of product liability, which include: defective manufacture, defective design, or failure to provide instructions or adequate warnings on the correct usage of the product in question. Within each of these categories, an injury must have been caused by the defective manufacture, defective design, or the failure provide warnings or instructions on the product.

The LegalMatch database of personal injury lawyers includes experienced attorneys who specialize in product liability. In some cases, a class-action lawsuit may apply, and finding an attorney with experience in complex litigation is imperative.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice occurs when the actions of a doctor or other medical professional do not meet the appropriate standard of care, and a patient is injured as a result of those actions. Common types of medical malpractice claims include: surgical errors, the misdiagnosis or failure to diagnose medical conditions, birth injury, and pharmaceutical errors.

In order to pursue a successful medical malpractice claim, the plaintiff must be able to prove the existence of a doctor-patient relationship, the doctor’s failure to meet the appropriate standard of care for the patient, causation, and actual damages.

In medical malpractice lawsuits, plaintiffs can sue for economic and noneconomic damages. Damages that may be awarded can include: lost income, medical bills that occurred as a result of the malpractice, lost earning capacity, mental anguish, rehabilitation, and pain and suffering.

The statute of limitations in medical malpractice lawsuits can be short, therefore, a claim must be brought quickly. State laws vary extensively on the statute of limitations, and the rules surrounding filing a medical malpractice claim. If you have been injured as a result of the actions of a doctor or other medical professional, you should contact a lawyer who specializes in medical malpractice as soon as possible.

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