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Finding the Right Family Lawyer

Family lawyers can be crucial in assisting individuals in a wide range of legal topics including divorce or annulment, child custody rights, child support payments, and alimony. Family lawyers specifically deal in issues regarding children for adoptions, guardianship, and state child protection, and domestic violence and restraining orders for adults.

Divorce and annulment are court procedures that end a marriage. An annulment, unlike a divorce, treats the marriage as if it never happened. The vast majority of dissolutions of marriage are done through divorce. Consensual Separations are legally sanctioned agreements that allow two parties to explore reconciliation without resorting to a divorce. Mediation is another form of dispute resolution that utilizing reconciliation and understanding to work out differences amicably.

Formulating and agreeing to child custody arrangements in a divorce or other separation matter is often the most difficult challenge parents face when divorcing. Courts that make child custody decisions will always make them based on the "best interests of the child."

In most, but not all cases, child support will be awarded to one parent. "Child support" is defined as the amount of money a parent is required by law to pay monthly to the spouse who has primary custody of the child. Child support is for the benefit of the child, and intended to pay for:

The court may award Spousal support in some instances. Spousal support (also know as alimony) represents regular payments made from one spouse to the other during a separation or following a divorce. The purpose of spousal support is to recognize the recipient spouse's contribution to the marriage and to assist that spouse to achieve financial independence where possible.

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