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Amadu Swaray defends individuals, families and businesses in dispute

Is justice truly for all? Swaray Law Office, LTD, an established law firm in Minnesota, seeks to help build a society where justice is equal for everyone regardless of social status, religion, or gender. For any individuals seeking help regarding immigration law, criminal defense, family law, or personal injury, Swaray Law Office, LTD is the one to call.

About Swaray Law Office

For over 19 years, Swaray Law Office, LTD had dealt with a number of cases with positive results. It seeks to serve clients in various areas including Brooklyn Center, Golden Valley, Brooklyn Park, Robbinsdale and Crystal areas to all the State of Minnesota.

Their goal is to defend individuals, families, or business that have disputes involving immigration, criminal law, family, or injuries caused by another party. Swaray Law Office, LTD. was founded on the vision that justice is really for all, and the law is the major conveyor of that justice.

Their attorneys believe that justice has the capacity to support a flourishing and civilized society. To support that belief, Swaray Law Office, LTD offers free first consultation for all criminal and personal injury cases.

Meet Amadu Swaray

At a young age, Amadu Swaray, the owner and founder of Swaray Law Office, LTD, wanted to become a lawyer. Mr. Swaray always had a clear vision ahead of him and the drive to pursue that calling. Mr. Swaray had a knack for making constructive arguments in school debates, even as a child. Growing up, Mr. Swaray looked up to lawyers and how they can command attention – in clothing, speech, and mannerisms.

Mr. Swaray has a joint honors political science and history undergraduate degree from the premier University of Ghana, in West Africa. He immigrated to the United States from Sierra Leone, West Africa in 1992, and earned his Juris Doctor degree in law from the William Mitchell College of Law in St. Paul, Minnesota, and was subsequently admitted to the Minnesota State Bar.

LegalMatch gives me a wide exposure to a lot of people within my area. I get to discuss their cases or their issues which I often find very interesting.

Amadu Swaray, Swaray Law Office, LTD

Swaray And LegalMatch

Top law firms like Swaray Law Office, LTD trusts the services of LegalMatch in finding the right clients. On the other hand, LegalMatch is also a great advantage to individuals who are having a tough time searching for the perfect lawyer.

For almost two decades, LegalMatch continues to build technologies and software that would connect a client to a lawyer in their area who are capable of handling their legal issues. It is LegalMatch’s goal to help bridge the gap between first-rate lawyers and their prospective clients. Mr. Swaray states, “LegalMatch gives me a wide exposure to a lot of people within my area. I get to discuss their cases or their issues which I often find very interesting.”

If you need help with immigration issues, criminal disputes or personal injury problems and reside within the Minnesota county and its neighbouring area contact Swaray Law Office, LTD today.

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