Workplace Romance Laws

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Workplace Romance Laws

Workplace privacy laws typically allow an employer to monitor and, to a certain extent, control an employee’s workstation, e-mails, and access to the Internet. Many businesses do not extend this control as far as directly prohibiting workplace romances between employees. Instead, they institute discrimination or sexual harassment policies.

What Is a Workplace Romance?

A workplace romance, commonly called an office romance, is a romantic relationship that occurs between two individual employed at the same company.

What Are the Potential Problems with Workplace Romances?

Workplace romances may end well. Unfortunately, some of them do not have a smooth ending. Workplace romances can:

Can an Office Romance Be Sexual Harassment?

Yes, but it depends on the circumstances. Harassment involves inappropriate, unwanted, or hostile conduct in the workplace. It is possible for a workplace romance to become harassment when there are:

What Can I Do to Avoid Liability for My Employees' Workplace Romances?

An anti-dating policy should prevent employers from being liable for their employees’ office romances. Employers always have the option to create a policy to:

What Should I Include in My Workplace Romance Policy?

A business wanting to create a workplace romance policy should make sure their policy:

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me Create a Workplace Romance Policy?

If you want to understand more about avoiding liability for workplace romances and creating an effective policy, contact an employment lawyer. They can assist you in creating a workplace romance policy that fits your company’s needs and assist you in enforcing that policy.

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