When Can Child Support Be Modified?

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What's a Child Support Order?

A child support order is an official court order containing instructions for child support. This is often issued during a divorce or custody proceeding, but they can also be requested independently of other proceedings. Child support orders contain information such as:

When Can Child Support Be Modified?

Child support orders can be modified in most cases. There usually needs to be a compelling reason before the court will authorize a change. These can include circumstances such as:

This is why it’s important for the parties to have a formal support order issued by the court. The court can monitor any changes, and they will also keep track of any missed payments for comparison in future calculations.

What If Child Support Provisions Are Violated?

Court-issued child support orders are enforceable under law. Failure to comply with child support orders can result in consequences like:

Courts can also implement means of enforcing missed child support payments, such as garnishing wages or placing a lien on property.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Child Support Modification?

Changing or modifying a child support order can often involve an examination of many different factors. You may need to hire a lawyer if you need help with any child custody issues, or if you need to file a lawsuit. Your attorney can provide you with legal guidance and can represent you in court as well. Also, in the event of a violation, your attorney can help you seek damages or remedies such as back child support.

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