What is Wage Garnishment?

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Wage garnishment is the process where money is deducted from your paycheck.  Basically, a court orders that your employer deduct money from your paycheck in order to pay a debt directly to the person to whom you owe money.

Wage garnishment can be taken for any type of debt.  The most common situations in which wage garnishments are used include child support, unpaid taxes, and judgments against you in court.

There are some legal limitations to wage garnishment.  Federal law limits garnishment to 25% of the disposable income that you earn.  Also, several states limit the amount taken further, or only allow for wage garnishment in certain situations.

If you have questions about wage garnishment, you should seek out the services of a lawyer.  An experienced attorney can let you know what your rights are, and how the laws of your state affect wage garnishment.

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