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How Are Child Support Payments Calculated?

Child support payments are calculated according to various factors related to child as well as to the parents involved. Some factors that are used to calculate a child support order may include:

Child support can often involve complex calculations that are needed in order to arrive at a figure suits the child while being fair for both parents.

What Does Child Support Payments Cover?

Child support is intended to cover the child’s basic necessities and expenses, such as: food, clothing, lodging, academic expenses, and basic recreational expenses. Also, the child support should cover medical and health expenses as well, to a reasonable degree. Child support is not intended to cover the needs or desires of the custodial parent.

How Does Child Support Payment Get Reduced?

To reduce child support payments, parents must agree to change the child support payments that are currently being paid or have a judge order the change. If you are unable to make payments to your current child support payments, you must act quickly and try and reach an agreement with the other parent for the child support payments to be reduced.

When Does Child Support Payment Get Reduced?

Child support payments can be reduced when there is a previously agreed court order or arrangement that is agreed to by each parent. Also there are unexpected life events that could occur which make paying child support payments unfeasible and very difficult to pay. In this situation, the court will modify and reduce the child support payments for the paying parent. A lowered child support payment may be appropriate if it is being spent on things such as:

A reduction may be needed if the custodial parent is using some of the support payments for their own personal use instead of using it for the child’s needs. Or, if the other parent has concealed assets or income from the paying parent, a reduction of child support amounts may occur. Lastly, a lower child support payment may be approved if the paying parent is experiencing changed financial circumstances.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Child Support Reductions?

It may necessary to hire a lawyer if you need help with child support laws or any other types of family law matters. A qualified family law lawyer can help represent your interests in court, and can ensure that your child is obtaining the child support payment that is appropriate for the overall situation. Child support laws are very different from area to area, so be sure to ask an attorney if you have any specific questions.

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