Trying to find a lawyer can be an intimidating experience.  Aside from flipping through the phone book, many people in Maryland do not know where to turn.  One option is to use an attorney referral service.

Unfortunately, the Maryland State Bar Association does not offer an attorney referral service.  However, most of the counties in Maryland (along with the city of Baltimore) maintain their own lawyer referral services.  The contact information for these services are listed on the Maryland Bar’s website.  These lawyer referral services are reached by telephone, and are free to use.  There is no information describing what the cost of your initial consultation with your lawyer will be.

Another option is to use a Maryland private attorney referral service.  These can be found on line, and most will offer multiple lawyer referrals.  These private services are generally free to use, and most also have negotiated a low consultation fee for your first visit with your lawyer.

Both county bar associations in Maryland and private attorney referral services are able to provide lawyer referrals.  These services provide a great first step in finding an attorney that is right for you. LegalMatch is a perfect alternative to attorney referral services for finding a Maryland attorney. Follow this link for a useful website for evaluating various Lawyer Referral Services in Montgomery County MD.