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What Is a Sham Marriage?

A sham marriage is a type of marriage entered into for a specific purpose other than love. Different types of sham, or fake, marriages exist such as a marriage blanc, a void marriage, and a marriage of convenience.

What Is a Marriage of Convenience?

This is a type of sham marriage orchestrated for a strategic purpose, such as:

These reasons are contrary to traditional reasons for marriage, such as:

The couple may live in the same household. They also may or may not consummate their marriage. However, they pretend in public to be a happily married couple. The difference is one or both spouses may receive some sort of compensation and benefit.

Is a Marriage of Convenience Legal?

In most cases, this type of sham marriage is legal. Individuals usually follow all the marriage requirements for a legal marriage, such as having a valid marriage license and being of age to marry. People can marry for reasons other than love and to fool the public. However, when it involves the intent to commit fraud, it is illegal. 

What Is an Example of Marriage Fraud?

Marriage fraud occurs when the marriage between two people is fraud. One example is immigration marriage fraud. This type of fraud is done for the purpose of deceiving immigration officials about a marriage. The couple may pretend to be a married couple in public, but live separate lives in private. It is against the law to enter into a marriage of convenience to defraud others.

Should I Contact a Family Attorney to Discuss Entering a Marriage of Convenience?

While you do not need to marry for love, it is wrong to use marriage to commit fraud. Contact a family attorney to understand more about entering a marriage of convenience to ensure that no one mistakes your marriage for an act of fraud. The attorney will advise you about your legal rights before, during, and after the marriage.

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