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What Are Harassment at Work Claims?

Harassment at work refers to instances or environments that involve offensive conduct, language, or behavior. This can happen between employees, or between an employer/supervisor and workers. Harassment can often lead to serious consequences for those who are found liable.

In some cases, harassment may be connected with other employment law issues, such as constructive discharge. For instance, an employee might create an environment of harassment in order to force a co-worker to quit, which may result in a constructive discharge claim.

What Types of Harassment Claims Are There?

Harassment claims may include several variations, including:

Furthermore, these variations may also include more specific types of conduct. For instance, sexual harassment may also include quid pro quo or "this for that" type harassment, and other issues.

How to Handle Harassment at Work

If you are the target of harassment or bullying at work or you suspect harassment in the workplace, here are several ways that you can handle the issue:

  1. Give Notice: Let the source of the harassment know that the harassment is unwelcome and you do not feel comfortable for their actions.
  2. Report the Misconduct: Immediately report the harassment to the human resource department or a supervisor.
  3. Document the Harassment:  Create a written record of the harassment that is occurring to have documentation of the date, time, and any witnesses that are present during the behavior.
  4. Look at Your Employer's Policy: Go over your company or employers policy regarding harassment in the workplace and determine if there is an official policy regarding harassment in the workplace.
  5. Let Others Know: One of the best things to do when there is harassment going on in the workplace is let others know about the situation and see what things they can do to help the situation.
  6. File a Harassment Claim: File a harassment claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

What Are the Legal Remedies for Harassment?

Legal remedies for harassment may include:

Some harassment claims may include issues like discrimination based on race, sex, etc. In such cases, an investigation may also be needed from a government agency.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Help with Harassment Claims?

Harassment laws can often be complex, and interact with other employment laws. You may need to hire a qualified employment lawyer if you need help with any types of legal claims at work. Your attorney can assist you with the filing process and can help prepare the evidence and documents needed to prove your claim. Also, your attorney will be able to provide representation during court meetings and hearings.

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