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What are Food Diseases?

Food diseases are any injuries or medical conditions that are directly caused by the consumption of foods containing pathogens.  This usually happens due to contaminated or spoiled food products.  Many food diseases may manifest as short, one-time occurrences of food poisoning or food toxicity.  However, some serious conditions can result in long-term effects, such as ulcers, damage to the stomach, intestines, or colon. 

Food diseases can also lead to other conditions within the human body.  Most particularly, heart diseases are often linked to the consumption of unhealthy or contaminated foods.  Other systems, such as the lymphatic system or the nervous systems can also be damaged by toxins present in certain foods (such as elevated levels of mercury found in some fish). 

How are Food Diseases Caused?

Food diseases are usually caused by improper handling of foods.  This can happen at various stages, including harvesting or catching of the food, preparation, storage, transport, cooking, and serving.  Thus, many different parties can be responsible for a food disease outbreak, as the food can get contaminated at different stages.

For instance, improperly harvested fruits are often a cause of food diseases, such as those caused by pesticides.  Or, the fruit may have been properly harvested, but then became exposed to a toxin during transport.  In this case, the harvesting personnel might not be held liable, but rather the party responsible for the transportation of the product.  This complicated chain of production often makes it difficult to sort out liability when suing a food company or restaurant. 

What are Some Legal Remedies Connected With Food Disease Lawsuits?

Food quality lawsuits generally result in a monetary damages award.  This will be paid to the victim by the party that is found to be the direct cause of the person’s injuries.  In addition, food safety violations are usually met with civil consequences, such as civil fine, or a suspension of the business’ operating license.  Lawsuits filed over food disease can do much to damage a business’ reputation, so many food companies are willing to provide a settlement before the case actually reaches the court.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for Lawsuits Involving Food Diseases?

There are many different types of food diseases, and many different causes for them as well.  Some food disease claims may require the assistance of an expert, especially when proving legal issues such as liability and damages.  Your attorney can provide you with legal guidance during the process, and can represent you during the proceedings.

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