Hiring a lawyer can certainly be expensive as well as difficult.  While an attorney referral service can make the process easier, does it add to the final bill? 

The good news is that you should be able to avoid any cost for using an attorney referral service.  Most of the larger private services offer lawyer referrals free of charge to consumers.  Also, these referral services usually keep large amounts of legal information on their websites, which is free to access. 

Some of the local County Bar Associations do charge for their attorney referral services.  However, the fee that they charge is usually low – only about $25 – $40.

Attorney referral services can keep your costs lower in another way.  Most of these services have negotiated a low initial consulting fee with the lawyers they refer.  That way, someone looking for an attorney knows up front how much each consultation will cost.  This is especially important if someone would like to meet with several lawyers before choosing one.

While hiring a lawyer can be expensive, finding one does not have to be costly too.  Using an attorney referral service can make the process much easier without adding to the bottom line.

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