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What Are Some Examples of Car Insurance Conflicts?

Car insurance conflicts can arise for a number of reason. Some common examples of car insurance conflicts include:

Another common conflict is where there is a dispute over insurance rates and other details. Such details are usually worked out during the negotiation phases for the insurance contract.

How Are Car Insurance Conflicts Resolved?

Car insurance conflicts may require legal action to resolve. This is especially the case if other legal or criminal issues are involved, such as fraud or breach of contract. In most cases, a damages award will be issued in order to cover losses. These may include costs such as court fees, costs of repairs, costs of car replacements, and other damages.

In some cases, you should note that some insurance companies require you to sign a "no-litigation" clause or a dispute resolution clause. This is language in the contract that states that the parties will not resort to a lawsuit in the event of a dispute. Instead, the parties may agree to seek alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation. Such clauses can severely limit your legal options, so you may wish to seek advice from professional before signing such an agreement.

Can I Obtain Damages Due to an Insurance Conflict?

As mentioned, a damages award may result from an insurance claim conflict. In order to prove damages, the damages amount needs to be calculated according to a "reasonable" degree of certainty. That is, damages that cannot be measured or verified will not be considered during a lawsuit. Damages awards must therefore be supported with sufficient evidence and documentation before they can be awarded.

Lastly, the insurance company’s actions must be direct cause of your losses. You can only recover damages if you can show that the breach of contract or other violation was the actual cause of your financial losses.

Do I Need a Lawyer for Assistance with a Car Insurance Conflict?

Dealing with a car accident is difficult enough; things can get even more complicated when insurance issues arise. You may need to hire a lawyer if you have any conflicts involving a car insurance policy or claim. Your attorney can help provide you with legal advice that may help you resolve your dispute. Also, your lawyer will be able to represent you during court hearings if you need to file a lawsuit over the claim.

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