Trying to find a Kansas lawyer can be a stressful experience.  Short of flipping through the phone book, many people do not know where to begin.  Using an attorney referral service is a great first step in finding a lawyer.

The Kansas Bar Association offers a limited attorney referral service.  This service is reached by telephone, and is easy to use.  After giving some basic information about yourself and your legal issue, a lawyer referral is provided.  This service is free to use.  However, there is no information regarding the cost of your initial meeting with your lawyer.

In addition to the Kansas Bar, the Wichita Bar Association also offers an attorney referral service.  This service can also be reached by telephone, or you can get a lawyer referral by mailing in a form with your information.  The Wichita Bar charges a $25 fee to use this service.  However, your initial consultation with your lawyer is free of charge.  The $25 service fee is waived if your case involves personal injury, malpractice, workers’ compensation, or disability.

Finally, many Kansas residents choose to use private attorney referral services.  These services offer several advantages to those offered by the Kansas and Wichita Bar Associations.  They generally have an online presence, so can be accessed 24 hours a day.  Also, many of these services will provide multiple lawyer referrals.  The better services will also provide information about the lawyers being referred, helping you make your decision.  Finally, these private attorney referral services are usually free to use, and your initial consultation with your lawyer is limited to a low cost.