William S - Florida - Business Litigation

When Florida resident William S. lost thousands of dollars after an investment partner sold a piece of property without his knowledge, he went to the internet and randomly searched for an attorney. "I've had miserable experiences with attorneys in the past, some positive, but mostly bad," he recalls. "And this time it was no different. The attorney I found made it seem like he was interested in my case, but after I paid him, he backed out." William then turned to LegalMatch, where he was able to present his case solely to attorneys with expertise in the real estate field.

Martin P., an experienced business litigation and real estate attorney with a firm in the Orlando area, responded. "From the beginning, Martin has been really honest with me," says William. "Because my relationship with my investment partner didn't involve a written contract, he's made no guarantees. But I feel he's extremely knowledgeable in matters such as these, and I believe in his confidence when he says that my partner breached her fiduciary duty." Though the case has yet to be resolved, William feels like he is in good hands, and already has high praise for both Martin P. and LegalMatch.