Mary D - NJ - Wrongful Termination

When Mary D., a New Jersey resident, suffered a temporary disability which made it impossible for her to work, she thought she would use the time off to heal. "I was completely unprepared when I was fired by my employer," she recalls, "and completely at my wit's end as to what to do about my situation." Mary knew that it was illegal in New Jersey to fire an employee when under a temporary disability, but had few places to turn.

"I needed a service that would not only allow me to find an attorney with experience in labor law, but would provide me with a number of options as well." Mary found LegalMatch, and after presenting her case, had numerous responses within 24 hours. "The attorney I chose has been fantastic from day one," says Mary, "and though my case is still pending, I feel confident there will be a positive outcome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend my attorney and LegalMatch to anyone who felt they were in a bind." As a result of Mary's lawsuit, two additional witnesses have now filed separate lawsuits against the employer.