Candi V. - Arizona - Defense

The image stuck in Candi's mind for a long time and refused to leave: her mother, an upstanding resident and senior citizen in the Litchfield Park, AZ area, arrested and shackled in handcuffs outside of a major department store for stealing a $20 bathing suit. "When I found out what happened," Candi recalls, "I was at first absolutely furious. Then my heart was just broken. My mom is such an honest person and I couldn't imagine what she went through. She went to return an item, checked to see if they had another size and when they didn't, was refunded her money. Then, with receipt in hand, she walked out — and they arrested her."

Since Candi was relatively new to the area, she wasn't comfortable with randomly selecting an attorney from the yellow pages. After a quick online search, she presented her case on LegalMatch, and an attorney who had experience with similar cases promptly responded. "With such a stressful situation, he's put us at ease," says Candi. "He came out to the house, explained his background in detail, and genuinely expressed concern for our situation." Though Candi and her mother's case is still pending, Candi feels confident her LegalMatch attorney is handling her situation with diligence and care: "I wouldn't hesitate to recommend my attorney and LegalMatch to my friends and family — I'm not sure what I would have done without them!"