Chris G. - San Carlos, CA - Real Estate

Chris G. had decided to move from the Bay Area to Los Angeles for a new job. Several months before he needed to move, he found an apartment and put down a deposit of $10,000 to hold it. He also signed a lease that would commence in 90 days, binding him to a two-year tenancy. Very shortly after Chris made arrangements for his new apartment, his job plans changed and he decided to stay in the Bay Area. Although the landlord still had nearly three months to re-market the property, he insisted on keeping Chris's deposit and collecting the rent money for the next two years.

A quick online search led Chris to LegalMatch. "Unbeknownst to the landlord, I explained the case to LegalMatch," Chris recalls. "And in one day, I had attorney responses to choose from. I was surprised by how fast it happened."

"By the time I chose an attorney and went to see him, I already knew what the whole thing would cost me, and the attorney already had the case defense drawn up and ready to go. I didn't waste the attorney's time, and I didn't have to waste my own time calling around, discussing prices, or checking bar records."

Chris's LegalMatch attorney knew that in California, a lease spanning two or more years must be signed by the landlord and delivered to the tenant. In Chris' case, this had not taken place, and therefore the landlord could not collect the future rent Chris had agreed to.

"Were it not for my LegalMatch attorney, I might have been on the hook for $60,000," says Chris. "And he did the job with integrity. He laid everything out on the line for me and told me where I stood. The whole process was streamlined, and I had a great experience."