Cyndie - Seattle

Cyndie M. and her husband John needed help fast. The situation for John's three children, who were living with their mother and her new partner, had become "unlivable" according to his eldest daughter. Stricken by the idea of the children in a harmful position, John and Cyndie knew they needed to find a custody lawyer immediately. In the meantime, they brought John's eldest daughter into their home, as she'd requested.

An information technology professional with savvy Internet skills, Cyndie did a quick online search and randomly found a family lawyer who specialized in representing fathers. She and John went to the attorney's office for a consultation, and were shocked by their experience.

"The meeting was just horrible," recalls Cyndie. "The lawyer told us we could easily go to jail. He told us we didn't look like the parenting type. And he even said John's daughter sounded like a spoiled brat! After he told us we owed him $55 for the 'consultation', we left in tears." Cyndie and John were further distraught when the attorney handed them his business card, which pictured a woman with her head chopped off!

Even more desperate now, Cyndie again returned to her computer to search for a lawyer. This time, she found LegalMatch."I spent some time on the [LegalMatch] Web site and noticed that there was a special service that could get my case pushed through fast," says Cyndie. "I also noticed that there were actual phone numbers listed on the site. These factors made me think LegalMatch was worth a try."

Cyndie presented her case through LegalMatch Priority Service and spoke to a Staff Attorney along the way. "Within an hour of presenting my case, I got three responses from attorneys," she recounts. "I couldn't believe it. Unheard of! I read all the information in each of their Profiles, and even exchanged emails with each attorney to really get a sense of who would be best for us. In the end, I felt the most comfortable with Hugh D."

While Cyndie and John's complex custody will take months to resolve, they know they're in good hands. "Basically, LegalMatch saved us," Cyndie proclaims. "I totally believe in Hugh and feel very confident about the future of our children."