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Because the Articles of Confederation were adopted in the city of York in York County by the Second Continental Congress, many people claim that York County was the home of the first capital of the United States. York County is home to Rehmeyer’s Hollow, a house where a man was murdered in 1928 and is supposedly haunted.
If you need an attorney in York County, there are many talented York County lawyers available. These legal professionals regularly represent their clients in many legal areas including criminal defense, DUI, divorce, family law, personal injury, housing, employment, automobile accidents and more.
A lawsuit has recently been initiated after some controversial voting requirements in York County. During the last presidential election, a York County woman was required to cover the text on her pro-Obama shirt before she was allowed to vote in the election. This censorship sparked legal interests on both sides of the isle, with the Democrats arguing that such a ban on clothing is unconstitutional, and the Republicans arguing that ban is good for a free election system. The lawsuit challenges a state memo that was issued after this incident that said that counties should allow the public to wear partisan clothing so long as no voter takes additional action to influence the vote of others.
When you are ready to file your case in York County, you will probably have to do so at the York County Court of Common Pleas. Gathering all of the evidence that you need for your case can take a lot of time, but a local attorney can really help you out with this process.
It can be frustrating trying to find a great York County lawyer on your own. This could mean countless calls that lead to dead ends or fruitless searching on the internet. Let be your guide and help you find the right attorney for your situation. We offer you a free legal matching service that takes the guesswork out of the search for legal representation. Best of all, there is no charge to use LegalMatch!
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