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Although Woodland Hills’s beginnings may have been somewhat dubious, the town has grown into a part of the metropolitan city of Los Angeles, California. In order to attract new residents to the area, in the late 1800’s a local business mogul erected false storefronts and planted thousands of trees in the normally arid area. Even though his plan landed him in jail, in the long run his persistence evidently paid off.
Woodland Hills lawyers can help you with any legal problem you may be facing. These include criminal defense, personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, wills and trusts and many others.
Woodland Hills attorneys were involved in a major lawsuit against the LAPD several years ago. Almost 100 former LAPD officers sued the department for over $100 million for retaliatory termination after complaining to superiors about police misconduct. The case was settled as a part of the department wide efforts to stem rampant police corruption and abuse following the Rampart scandal.
This case and many others in Woodland Hills begin in the Los Angeles County Superior Court system. One of the largest court systems in the country, experienced Woodland Hills lawyers will be familiar with the court’s specific rules and procedures. Local attorneys will also know local court staff, district attorneys, judges, and other Woodland Hills lawyers. This local knowledge may be useful if you have a case in Woodland Hills.
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