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Westland is a Wayne County city that is home to 87,000 Michigan residents who enjoy the close proximity to downtown Detroit. Westland was recently named an All American City and boasts being the one stop place for your shopping needs.
Lawyers in Westland take an assortment of cases; some typical examples include personal injury, immigration, divorce, wrongful termination cases as well as the drafting of wills and trusts.
Recently in Westland, an elderly man who had been a local building inspector filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against the town and first selectman. Alfred Astorino claims that he was wrongfully terminated and due some compensation for his alleged emotional distress. Astorino was dismissed from his position as building inspector when he was brought up on criminal charges of which he was later cleared, however, he was never reinstated.
If you have a wrongful termination case in Westland, you’re most likely to file with the Wayne County Circuit Court. Michigan Circuit Courts are exclusively responsible for handling domestic relations cases like divorce and child custody cases as well as civil and criminal trial appeals. The other court with which to file is the 18th District Court in Westland. Michigan District Courts are responsible for hearing tort, contract, and ordinance violations in addition to real property and small claims cases which have $25,000 and $3,000 in dispute respectively.
LegalMatch will find you a capable bar-certified lawyer in Westland. The LegalMatch website also provides many helpful legal research tools like an online law library, forums, and newsletters within the Legal Center. Make sure to also check out the customer satisfaction guarantee.
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