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West Palm Beach had humble beginnings as the home for servants working in the lavish hotels of Palm Beach. Once entirely owned by the founder of Standard Oil, West Palm Beach is now a large city that has in the past rivaled Miami as the cultural center of Florida. With its downtown is in the midst of a major renewal, West Palm Beach continues to grow today.

West Palm Beach Lawyers

Attorneys in West Palm Beach can help you with any legal problem. Their areas of practice include criminal law, immigration law, wills and trusts law, divorce law, personal injury law, and many others. Recently, West Palm Beach attorneys secured a $50 million settlement for their clients against a local bank. The bank was sued for illegally obtaining the personal information of thousands of Florida motorists in violation of Florida law. Each motorist received $160 in the settlement.

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Whether your case is large or small, it helps to have a local West Palm Beach lawyer who knows local rules and procedures. Although all Florida attorneys are licensed to practice throughout the state, a West Palm Beach lawyer is familiar with the ins and outs of the various courts within the 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida.

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