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A frequent question for West New York citizens is do I need a New York lawyer or a New Jersey lawyer. It really depends on where the court action or charges are going to filed; it’s all about geography – if you accused of a crime in New York City, then you’ll need a New York attorney. And if you’re filing a lawsuit against your neighbor, you’d need to hire a NJ attorney.

West New York is a Hudson County city that offers a number of Urban Enterprise Zones which enjoy a 3½ % sales tax instead of the normal 7%. A number of New York City professionals live in West New York because of its close proximity and outstanding schools.

A number of talented lawyers call West New York home. Lawyers in West New York are familiar with local Hudson County courts and take a wide variety of cases; some typical examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, porce, estate administration, and wrongful termination.

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Recently in West New York, the School Accountability Act prompted the posting of more than 3,000 administrators’ salaries on the Department of Education’s website. Some school administrators are making more than $200,000 per year and the Department of Education is planning to reel back their salaries and benefits packages. New Jersey School administrators have filed a lawsuit in U.S. District court in Trenton to fight the new rules and pay cuts; the lawsuit cites that their constitutional rights of equal treatment and due process were violated in the takeover. In West New York the superintendent is paid $231,324 and the three assistant superintendents made $604,702.

If you are filing a lawsuit in West New York, you would likely be visiting the Hudson Vicinage in Jersey City and file with the Civil pision. The Hudson County Superior Court includes many different pisions with which to file. porce, child custody, and other domestic issues are handled by the Family pision while criminal charges will get you summoned by the Criminal pision.

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