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Learn More About West Covina, CA


West Covina became a city so that neighboring Covina wouldn’t build a sewer treatment plant amid the overwhelming walnut and orange orchards. Since then however, West Covina has grown tremendously and is now over 90% developed. West Covina isn’t struggling for business because it is packed with great eateries like TGI Fridays, Hooters, and Elephant Bars in its many strip-malls but 10% of the 110,000 residents remain below the poverty line.
A number of lawyers live in West Covina and are familiar with local courts. Lawyers in West Covina advise on a mixed selection of cases like divorce, personal injury, DUI, probate, and immigration cases.
Two West Covina boys were convicted in the Los Angeles County Superior Court in Pomona on grand theft, possession of a firearm by a minor, possession of a firearm at a school, and conspiracy to commit murder. The two boys each face 17 years and 4 months for the plan to open fire at a school assembly. Witnesses even attested that the two boys even went as far as bringing a .357 caliber revolver and .40 caliber semiautomatic handgun to school on multiple occasions.
If you have pending criminal charges in West Covina, you will be summoned by the Los Angeles County Superior Court. Superior Courts near West Covina have jurisdiction over most cases that arise but it’s best to check with a bar certified lawyer in the area first to ensure you are filing correctly.
Most reliable method of finding a great lawyer in West Covina is by utilizing LegalMatch. LegalMatch is home to the original client-lawyer pairing service that allows users to check reviews, prices, and availability as well as providing reference materials like an online law library, forums on which to post your questions, newsletters, and tips for selecting the best lawyer for your needs.
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