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Covering 576 square miles, Waukesha County, WI is located in southeastern Wisconsin. Waukesha County was created in 1846 from part of Milwaukee County, and is named for the Pottawatomi Indian word meaning "little foxes." Living within its borders are approximately 360,700 people who refer to the area as "Lake Country" due the abundance of natural water bodies in the county. Waukesha County attractions include Fox River Park, Old World Wisconsin (an outdoor living history museum), and KMR Ranch.
There are numerous Waukesha County lawyers who call this tranquil community home. Waukesha County lawyers are experienced in handling legal matters involving family disputes, real estate, crime, immigration, and personal injury, among others.
Lawyers in Waukesha County were recently involved on both sides of a dispute between the county and a local demolition company. The company, Walters Wrecking Co., sued the county for understating the amount of work required in demolishing a 100-year old mental health center. Waukesha County countersued Walters Wrecking Co., claiming it overpaid for the work and the company should reimburse taxpayers $30,000. The lawsuits are ongoing.
The court system in Wisconsin is structured as 10 judicial districts containing municipal courts and circuit courts, a court of appeals, and a Supreme Court. Attorneys in Waukesha County may argue their case in Waukesha County Circuit Court, the Wisconsin, the District II Court of Appeals, or the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Each court has its own rules and procedures – a local Waukesha County attorney can help you to navigate them.
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