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Learn More About Waukegan, IL

Waukegan is a Lake County city that is widely known as the hometown of comedian and entertainer Jack Benny. Today, a Waukegan middle school bears the name of Benny. Waukegan is the sixth largest Illinois city and is home to 92,000 residents who enjoy municipalities like Ray Bradbury Park.

Waukegan IL Lawyers

Entertainers and writers aren’t the only notables from Waukegan; there are also a number of knowledgeable lawyers. Lawyers in Waukegan admit a broad selection of cases, some typical examples include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, DUI, auto accident, divorce, and contract dispute cases among others.
Recently, the U.S. District Court for Northern Illinois dismissed a lawsuit filed by the City of Waukegan last year in an attempt to force 5 local companies to clean up the Waukegan Harbor. National Gypsum Company, Bombardier Motor Corporation of America, Lafarge North America Incorporated, Lafarge Building Materials Incorporated, and St. Mary’s Cement Incorporated were all named as defendants in the PCB sediment contamination lawsuit which was dismissed because it was considered untimely.
If you have a lawsuit to file in Waukegan, it’s most likely that you will be filing with the Lake County 19th Judicial District Circuit Court which is exclusively responsible for most cases that arise in Waukegan. Illinois Circuit Courts exclusively handle civil cases such as personal injury, small claims, domestic relations like child custody and divorce, criminal cases like DUI and felony charges, juvenile, traffic, and ordinance violation cases.
The most dependable way to take care of your case is by consulting a bar certified Waukegan lawyer from LegalMatch. LegalMatch also provides easily understood reference materials like an online law library with thousands of articles, forums on many legal topics, newsletters, and tips for selecting the best lawyer for your needs. Also, check out what the industry’s top professionals have to say about law and news with our Law Blog.
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