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Waterford is an Oakland County township that is home to 75,000 Michigan residents. Waterford residents and visitors enjoy the township’s rich Native American heritage though it’s reported that less than 1% of Waterford’s population identifies as Native American today.
There are a number of lawyers in Waterford who are familiar with local circuit and district court procedures. Lawyers in Waterford advise on a mixed selection of case, some normal examples include: chapter 13 bankruptcy, child custody, immigration visa, and personal injury cases.
Recently in Waterford, Karen Waeschle filed a civil lawsuit against the Oakland County Medical Examiner for disposing of her mother’s brain after it was removed for an autopsy. Waeschle’s case was sent to the U.S. District Court in Michigan when it was dismissed by a 3 member panel which ruled that Michigan law did not clearly establish the right to her mother’s brain despite making a 14th amendment claim which prohibits government agencies from unlawful seizure of property.
If you have a lawsuit to file, you will likely be filing with the Oakland County 51st Judicial District Court which also handles real property, traffic, and ordinance violation cases. The Oakland County Circuit Court is responsible for hearing many different kinds of cases but exclusively handles domestic relations cases like child support and divorce matters, civil and criminal appeals, as well as real property cases that exceed $25,000.
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