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Located among the amazing red rocks of southern Utah, Washington County has some of the nation’s best golfing. Many of the immaculately maintained courses wind their way through deserts and rock formations that were scoured away by centuries of wind. After a fun day on the course, the residents and tourists in Washington County relax in the quite town of Saint George, the county seat of Washington County, and take in spectacular sunsets and some great food, wine and dancing.
Washington County is also home to many experienced Washington County lawyers who are available to take on your case. These attorneys are experienced in many areas of law such as employment discrimination, bankruptcy, wills and estates, tax, bankruptcy, personal injury, automobile accidents, DUI, and more.
A Washington County lawyer recently prosecuted the leader of the FLDS church and convinced the jury to reach a guilty verdict for two counts of accomplice to rape of a minor 14 year old girl. The crime occurred when Jeffs, the FLDS leader, arranged and married the victim to her 19 year old cousin. After the marriage, the victim repeatedly asked Jeffs to be let out of the marriage, for which he threatened her with loss of heavenly salvation and sent her back to her husband. Many of the legal professionals in Washington County thought that Jeffs would be found not guilty, but the jury decided that the forced marriage and the threats made to the victim were enough to find Jeffs guilty of the crime. Jeffs also faced a charge of flight to avoid prosecution in Washington County.
If you have filed, or are thinking of filing a lawsuit in Washington County, you will probably have to visit the Fifth District Court of Utah. This court has jurisdiction to try all civil cases, all criminal felonies, and misdemeanors in certain situations. Because every court in Utah is different, you will want to hire an attorney who is familiar with the local rules that govern in this Washington County court.
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