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 Originally considered the capital of Oahu before westerners arrived, Waipahu is the home of one of Oahu's most prodigious artesian wells. Oahu's ancient kings used to gather at the spring to enjoy its fresh water, and American settlers later used the water to irrigate their large sugar plantations. Today Waipahu is known for its excellent gardens and superstar little league baseball team, champions of the 2008 Little League World Series.

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The Attorney General filed a nuisance lawsuit against a local house in Waipahu in 2004. Lawyers in Waipahu alleged that the house was a known drug house, and the lawsuit was a protective order designed to keep residents and visitors out of the home. Lawsuits such as this are nuisance abatement lawsuits designed to stop or reduce drug use, which can affect and entire neighborhood.
If you have a case in Waipahu, you will want an attorney familiar with O'ahu's First Circuit. Different courts in Hawai'i have different rules, and your Waipahu attorney should know how to navigate your local Waipahu courts.
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