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Waco is located in McLennan County and is considered the 16th largest city in Texas. Waco is home to the famous ALICO tower which was once considered the tallest building in the Southwest. Today it holds the tower along with the historic Dr. Pepper Museum, where Dr. Pepper was invented. Now Waco city is going through a huge transformation in its downtown area because the city has planned $80 million dollars worth of construction to make Waco more environmentally friendly and modern.

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Recently, a Waco Judge declared a mistrial in the case of a Central Texas minister accused of possessing child pornography. Henry Edgington pleaded not guilty and claimed that he possessed the videos because he was doing research to get some web sites shut down. Police stated that the illegal images were found in Edgington’s computer, in his car, and in a padlocked box in his bathroom. The mistrial was declared because the McLennan County jury declared that it was deadlocked after 10 hours of deliberations. Prosecutors have not decided yet if they will retry the pastor.

Waco Municipal Court, McLennan County Justice of the Peace Court, McLennan County Commissioners Court, McLennan County Court at Law, and McLennan County District Court all serve the residents of Waco. The Waco County Municipal Court handles misdemeanors and traffic violations. The McLennan County Justice of the Peace Court hears tort, contract, small claims, and real property cases as long as the amount in question is not higher than $5,000.

Next, is the McLennan County Commissioners Court which hears torts, contracts, and real property cases. The McLennan County Court at Law handles juvenile, mental health, probate and estate, and traffic infractions cases. The McLennan County District Court has several different divisions including the 19th, 54th, 74th, 170th, and 414th Divisions. The District Court hears torts, contracts, and real property cases as long as the amount in dispute is above $200.

This thriving community boasts a number of world-class Waco lawyers. Lawyers in Waco are well-versed in dealing with a wide variety of legal issues ranging from business transactions and disputes, intellectual property concerns, family matters, real estate transactions, employment practices, as well as a host of others.

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