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Victoria is located in Victoria County, Texas and is often times called the “The Crossroads” for its location. Victoria is located between four major cities that are all about two hours away. Victoria is considered one of the major trade centers in Texas since Houston, Corpus Christi, San Antonio, and Austin all surround the city and therefore come to Victoria to conduct most trade.

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Recently, two residents of Victoria were found to be part of an alleged gang shooting. Katrina Rodriquez and Breon Carroll are both residents of Victoria and when police found them in a car with two other individuals they recovered a .22 caliber magazine. They were arrested on suspicion of engaging in organized criminal activity, deadly conduct, unlawful carrying of a firearm, and tampering with physical evidence.

Victoria is served by several courts including the Victoria Municipal Court, Victoria County Justice of the Peace Court, Victoria County Commissioners Court, and District Court. All of these courts are locally funded except the District Court. The Victoria Municipal Court handles misdemeanors and traffic infractions. The Victoria County Justice of the Peace Court hears tort, contract, real property, and small claims cases up to $5,000. At times it also handles misdemeanors and traffic infractions. The Victoria County Commissioners Court is actually divided into two courts, the Constitutional County Court and County Court at Law.

The Constitutional County Court deals with tort, contract, and real property cases as long as the amount is from $200 to $5000. This court also handles probate and estate cases as well as mental health, civil trial court appeals, civil, criminal appeals, and juvenile cases. The County Court at Law handles tort, contracts, and real property cases as long as the amount in question is between $200 to $100,000. It also handles mental health, civil trial court appeals, criminal appeals, misdemeanor, juvenile, and traffic infractions.

The District Court in Victoria County is one level higher from all the other courts that serve the county. The District Court has four different divisions, the 24th Division, 135th Division, 267th Division, and 377th Division. All of these divisions handle the same cases but in different parts of Victoria County. The Victoria County District Court hears tort, real property, and contracts cases as long as the amount in question is above $200. It also handles juvenile, domestic relations, felony, misdemeanor, civil cases, and exclusively handles all administrative agency appeals.

Lawyers in Victoria are well qualified to handle a variety of cases, including real estate, business, and family, employment, immigration, and criminal, among others.

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