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Vanderburgh County which is located in the state of Indiana is considered the 6th largest county in population but it is considered the 8th smallest county in area in Indiana. It is a thriving community with several recreational areas, many of them being scenic parks.

Vanderburgh County IN Lawyers

Recently, Vanderburgh County residents were relieved to find out that a prisoner who escaped from an Indiana prison was back in custody. Mr. Battreal was sentenced in 1998 to 50 years in prison for raping a teenager and threatening her with a hammer. Battreal had been at large for a week since he escaped while working in a tunnel with 3 other inmates. He is now facing escape charges and is currently residing in a Vanderburgh County jail until the court decides where to move him.
There are two courts that serve the county of Vanderburgh. The first is the 1st Judicial Circuit Court. This court hears tort, contract, real property, small claims (up to $6,000), mental health, civil appeal, domestic relations, felony, misdemeanor, criminal appeal, preliminary hearing, juvenile, and traffic infraction cases. Next, is the Vanderburgh County Superior Court which handles tort, contract, real property, small claims (up to $6,000), mental health, civil appeal, domestic relations, felony, misdemeanor, criminal appeal, juvenile, and traffic infraction cases.
Vanderburgh County is home to a number of talented lawyers who take cases such as green card immigration, estate administration, wrongful termination, child custody, as well as wills and trust cases. Lawyers in Vanderburgh County are familiar with local court procedures and are qualified to consult you on any legal issue which you may have.
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