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Tewksbury, originally part of the town of Billerica, is located in Middlesex County, MA. It spans 21.1. square miles of land, 0.3 of which is covered in water. Per square mile, the town averages 1,392.3 people and 409.2 housing units. Roughly one third of these households have a child under 18 living with them. The town is also home of Mico Kaufman who has received four Presidential Inaugural Medals for his work as a sculptor.

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Tewksbury lawyers can assist you with a variety of areas of law. Some common examples include criminal cases, personal injury, DUI, divorce, bankruptcy, property and wills and trusts.
Tewksbury recently encountered some constitutional issues in their local high school. The students in the school were making an independent newspaper and wanted to distribute it in the school. The school opposed the on-campus distribution arguing that it would give the impression that the newspaper is a student organization. A local court ordered that the Tewksbury High School must allow the students to distribute their independent paper on school grounds.
Cases, such as this one, begin at the Superior Court of Woburn. In order for your attorney to build an effective case he must be familiar with both the laws of the town as well as the court itself.
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