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Learn More About Tamarac, FL

Tamarac, Florida is located in the greater Broward County. It boasts five city parks, a sports complex, and multi-purpose park and recreation center. The entire nature preservation area in Tamarac is estimated to be around 84 acres which leaves many areas to explore and discover for hikers, bikers, and even those who take an occasional walk through the cities winding nature trails. The city holds many cultural activities in their Kings Point Performing Arts Theater as well.

Tamarac FL Lawyers

Recently, in Tamarac residents found that eight people had allegedly planned and executed a multi-million dollar Medicare fraud scheme. The court has stated that the suspects had attempted to steal at least $100 million dollars from the elderly, the blind, and disabled by using multi storefront clinics in five different states and then laundered their profits through local check cashing stores. If convicted the eight suspects could face up to 10 years in prison for each count of conspiracy to commit money laundering and for each count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud.
If you are facing a legal issue then it is imperative that you find a skilled Tamarac lawyer today. Tamarac lawyers practice in a wide array of areas such as real estate, family, business, and civil rights law.
Tamarac lawyers are experienced in knowing their way around the court system of Tamarac which consists of the Broward County Court and the 17th Circuit Court of Florida. The Broward County Court handles cases that deal with contracts and real property with a limit of $15,000 and traffic violations. The 17th Circuit Court of Florida handles cases that involve contracts and property with no limit as to the amount in damages, civil appeals, felonies, and criminal appeals.
If you are looking for a Tamarac lawyer that will be interested in your case, look no further than LegalMatch is an attorney matching service that provides you with a satisfaction guarantee. All of our attorneys are pre-screened and will provide you with not only their background information but also how much they anticipate your entire case may cost. This entire service is at no cost to you.
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