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One of many relatively new communities in south Florida, Sunrise was originally called “Sunrise Golf Village.” Its population of almost 90,000 quickly outgrew its quaint village moniker, however. Today, Sunrise is also home to over 100 corporations such as Motorola, HBO, and Fox Sports.

Sunrise FL Lawyers

Sunrise lawyers can help you with wills and trusts, real estate transactions, personal injury, bankruptcy, family law, and many other legal issues. Attorneys in Sunrise are members of the Florida Bar, a state organization which counts every attorney in Florida as a member. The Florida Bar conducts a variety of public services, such as the Florida Speaker’s Bureau. The Speaker’s Bureau gives free talks to schools, businesses, community groups, and other organizations regarding the role of lawyers, the significance of Florida’s constitution, issues in the U.S. justice system, and a variety of other legal topics.
Attorneys in Sunrise are familiar with Florida’s 17th Judicial District. Within Broward County there are four courts, with the West Regional Courthouse being the closest to Sunrise. Experienced Sunrise lawyers will be familiar with these courts, as well as local court staff, judges, and other Sunrise attorneys.
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