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The home of Boston, Suffolk County is the historic and cultural hub of New England. Although county governments were officially abolished in Massachusetts, Suffolk and its county seat of Boston were founded in 1630.  Suffolk County was home to several famous events surrounding the birth of our nation, such as the Boston Tea Party and Paul Revere’s historic ride through the city.

Suffolk County MA Lawyers

Suffolk County is now home to hundreds of institutions of higher learning, including Harvard, the oldest law school in the country. Famous attorneys from Suffolk County include John Adams, the 2nd president of the United States.
Suffolk County is home to over 9,000 lawyers. Suffolk County Lawyers can help you in family law, criminal law, personal injury, real estate, bankruptcy, and many others.
Suffolk County attorneys recently sued an out of state insurance scam artist. The scammer was fraudulently charging Massachusetts residents for insurance that he never intended to provide. Plaintiffs in the civil lawsuit were awarded over $5 million dollars.
Competent Suffolk County lawyers must know the ins and outs of the Massachusetts court system, from the District Court to the Supreme Court. Within what was formerly known as Suffolk County, attorneys are familiar with the Boston Municipal Court, the Chelsea District Court, the Suffolk County Superior Court, the John Adams Superior Courthouse, and the Supreme Court of Massachusetts.
Like the rest of Massachusetts, Suffolk County enforces a host of Blue laws, laws dating back to the region’s Puritan heritage and enforcing old moral ideals. The sale of alcohol, for instance, is highly regulated. Alcohol is not sold on Sundays, gas stations cannot sell alcohol, and liquor stores must stop selling after 10 PM.
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