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Learn More About Stockton, CA

Stockton has a population of approximately 290,000, making it the fifth-biggest city in the state of California.  Stockton serves as the seat of San Joaquin County and is located less than 100 miles east of the San Francisco Bay.  Stockton is nestled in the Central Valley, California’s agricultural center.  The great California Delta nourishes the crops of Stockton, making it an extremely productive farming area. 

Stockton Lawyers

While Stockton’s economy is largely agriculturally based, it is also powered by the telecommunications, manufacturing, and renewable energy sectors.  Major companies, including Pac-West Telecommunications and Duraflame, are based in Stockton. 

Recently, the Mediation Center of San Joaquin held its annual Peacemaker Awards.  One winner, Becky Gould, organized a program wherein mental health experts work alongside law enforcement to resolve emergencies without violence.  At the awards, the Center’s executive director outlined positive aspects of mediation, namely it allows people to solve disputes without involving the courts, and it gives participants greater control over the resolution of their case since they – rather than a judge – determine the outcome. 

Stockton lawyers specialize in a wide variety of areas – including mediation law, immigration law, bankruptcy law, and personal injury law – and over 500 lawyers practice in Stockton alone.  Searching for a lawyer on your own can be time consuming and expensive; however, streamlines this process free of charge.    

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